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YardSprout Wins 2nd at Wake Forest Elevator Competition!

On March 24th, YardSprout team members Andrew Pearson, Kim Herold, and Caroline McKay attended the 13th annual Wake Forest University Elevator Competition. Twenty-four teams of entrepreneurs competed by pitching their business ideas in 2 minutes while riding up and down with judges, camera operators, and onlookers in – you guessed it – an elevator!

It took a lot of preparation to be able to communicate YardSprout’s message succinctly in under two minutes. When we found ourselves in the elevator at last (which goes up the the top floor, down to the lobby, back up to the top, and down again in 2 minutes), we were glad to have prepared! It was an invaluable learning experience for the YardSprout team, as the distractions and pressure of conveying a business plan while riding up and down in an elevator were a great way to test our resolve and vision.

Finalists were selected in two tracks, traditional and social. YardSprout was selected as one of five finalists in the social track, at which point we had an hour to prepare for our second pitch – a 25-minute presentation to a board room full of judges. After giving it our best, we were then taken to a separate room to be interviewed about our experience!

Finally, we made our way to the dining hall for the event where we waited and chatted with other teams. We were very honored that YardSprout was awarded 2nd place at the WFU Elevator Competition!

YardSprout Wins 2nd at 2012 WFU Elevator Competition

YardSprout team members Caroline, Kim, and Andrew with William Hinman

We want to express our sincere thanks to our supporters, to our hosts at the WFU Elevator Competition, and to all the other terrific teams who inspired us to do our best. Thank you!

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  1. congratulations! Splendid news from what sounds like a dizzying, fascinating format.
    and where are you heading (aside from Disney World)?

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