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1) Herb & Vegetable Gardens

5 Listings

Raised beds, kitchen gardens, herb spirals, potted herbs, hydroponics and more.

2) Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care

3 Listings

Green lawn care, mowing, orchards, tree pruning, native plants, grasses and more.

3) Landscape Design

6 Listings

Landscape architects, garden design, permaculture, xeriscaping, agroforestry and more.

Backyard Animals

1 Listing

Chickens, ducks, rabbits, goats, tilapia and more.


2 Listings

Bees, hives, queens, supplies for honey extraction, pollinator plants, and more.

Community Groups & Gardens

3 Listings

Local organizations, community gardens, nonprofits, learning-farms

Garden & Homestead Supply

1 Listing

Local suppliers of tools, plants, stones, compost, canning jars and more.

Pest Management

2 Listings

Fencing, netting, pesticides and non-pesticide alternatives.

Soil, Mulch, & Compost

5 Listings

Compost bins & pick up services, where to get mulch, vermiculture and more.

Sun, Wind and Water

3 Listings

Solar power, wind power, rainwater harvesting, & irrigation systems

Recent Listings

Just Bee Apiary, Chapel Hill, NC

Posted in on 9-26-12

Just Bee Apiary is a Chemical Free operation with a focus on raising, managing and teaching how to keep honeybees in the most natural way possible. We do not stress our bees by moving them...

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